Last minute shoppers flood stores in North Alabama

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Were you done with your Christmas shopping by Christmas Eve? If not, you're not alone.

Thousands of people in the Tennessee Valley hit the stores for a final chance to sneak in their last minute Christmas shopping.

We're all familiar with Black Friday. This Saturday was considered 'Super Saturday,' and was expected to have comparable sales.

That momentum has just kept rolling in North Alabama. According to the National Retail Federation, seven percent of people planned to finish their shopping on December 24.

Shoppers packed into discount stores like Bargain Hunt, where store leader Andrea Runion said business was booming.

"We have been super busy and we're excited to see our customers in here doing some last minute shopping," she explained.

Shoppers also packed into Parkway Place Mall, where marketing director Molly Mitchell said the mall was bustling.

"We've got Black Friday, which is the biggest shopping day of the year and then we've got 'Super Saturday', which was this past Saturday, and since then we have been slammed jammed packed full of shoppers," she stated.

According to some shoppers, plenty of people shop at the last minute and for several different reasons.

"A lot of traffic, a whole lot of shoppers, I guess they do it last minute too," last minute shopper Aaliyah Hudson said.

"We're picking up a few last minute gifts for my mother-in-law and a few other people we have to do things with this evening," last minute shopper Tom Kmiec explained.

According to Mitchell, some people may not know what to get until the last minute.

"They just didn't know what they wanted to get their loved ones, or maybe their loved ones haven't told them until very recently, that happens a lot with kiddos," Mitchell said.

Some shoppers are trying to get the best deals.

"Sometimes you just find better stuff when you wait till the last minute," last minute shopper April Baird said.

"Some of the best deals are happening right now and a lot of in-store giveaways and incentives are taking places that you can't necessarily get online," Mitchell said.

Others shop because it's a tradition.

"There's a lot of energy. I think it's great there's a lot of people out generally they're in a pretty good mood on Christmas Eve even though there is a lot of hustle and bustle," Kmiec said.

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