Customers frustrated after North Alabama business fails to fulfill Christmas orders

TANNER, Ala. - Many people spent the night before Christmas scrambling to find a last-minute gift, because the presents they planned to give didn't arrive.

Thousands of people ordered home decor items online from Redline Steel, which is based in Tanner.

Only a day before Christmas, hundreds of people were frustrated that the gifts they ordered online hadn't arrived.

"I ordered monograms, which they said should be shipped out before Christmas," said Redline Steel customer Warren Koenig.

The Redline Steel facility in Tanner.

More than a month ago, Koenig ordered a custom gift for his parents from Redline.

"I've actually taken cutouts and made screenshots of what I was going to give them, so they have something to open," he said.

WHNT News 19 started looking into the matter after several unhappy customers reached out -- and a Facebook complaint group popped up.

Top managers at Redline Steel, including company CEO Colin Wayne, admitted to us they're having problems filling orders due to the malfunction of a specialized piece of equipment.

Redline Steel CEO Colin Wayne

"It's all 100 percent manufacturing related," Wayne said. "It's not overselling and under-producing."

Company officials said they received thousands of orders this holiday season, and will not be able to fulfill about 20 percent of them.

"On a customer service side, we are owning the situation," said executive assistant Austin Arguello. "Whatever their need or want is, we are finding a way to get them whatever they want."

Wayne posted a video apology online a few days ago. For some, like Warren Koenig, sorry isn't cutting it.

"They're trying to say 'I'm sorry' to a mass," he said. "They haven't said sorry to me personally."

Redline Steel executives told WHNT News 19 they want to make things right with all customers. They're offering a variety of ways to resolve the problems depending on each customer's situation. Options range from full refunds to gift cards for orders received late.

If you're having problems with your order, Redline Steel has created a customer complaint form that you can access here.

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