Huntsville Utilities warns of new texting scam

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A spokesperson for Huntsville Utilities warns of a new texting scam that tries to trick customers.

The text message has a suspicious link and a message saying you have received a refund.

Example: "CUSTOMER’S NAME “You have received a refund from Huntsville-Gas&Power Accept here”: insert suspicious link here

"Generally we contact customers through the mail, if you do e-billing you might get an email. In rare cases for a unique situation, we may call you. But we don't ever demand payment and threaten you with service interruption. We also don't use texts to let customers know they are getting a refund," says Gehrdes.

Joe Gehrdes, spokesperson for Huntsville Utilities, said their customers are constantly being targeted, but it has been especially bad this holiday season.

"If someone's threatening you with an interruption in your utility service obviously that might scare you. And that might scare you into action and that's what they're relying on," says Gehrdes.

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