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Ashtray on prep table and dirty ice chute in Limestone County restaurants

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Limestone County

Weston's Wings

29901 Jones Ave, Ardmore, AL 35739

Score: 78

  • A dog was in the building.
    • The health inspector said it was the owner's dog and there was no indication that it was a service dog.
  • The can opener needed cleaning.
  • An ashtray was on active prep table.

The restaurant was closed all day and we were not able to make contact.

All violations were corrected.



26862 Main St, Ardmore, AL 35739

Score: 85


  • Food was at improper temperatures without a time stamp.
    • Cheese 56º and tomatoes 50º.
  • The ice chutes and nozzles needed cleaning.

The manager said they corrected all the violations.


Madison County

Clean Plate Winner:

Chicken Salad Chick

975 Airport Rd SW #1, Huntsville, AL 35802

Score: 99

Ready to be in chicken salad bliss? Chicken salad chick has got it all.

With 12 flavors ranging from traditional to savory to fruity and nutty to spicy -- there's a chick choice for everyone.

Eat your selection as a scoop or sandwich -- and why not get pimento cheese or egg salad to go with it.

Customers love the relaxed atmosphere and satisfying food --- even the little ones are fans.

Their team is 'all smiles' -- delivering and clearing food to make way for the next hungry customer.

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