Woman says postal workers have been dumping mail into dumpster near her Missouri apartment

Brandy Henderson says she doesn't understand why postal workers are ignoring "no dumping" signs near canisters at her Ferguson, Mo., apartment complex.

FERGUSON, MO (KMOV) — Brandy Henderson says she doesn’t understand why postal workers are ignoring “no dumping” signs near canisters at her apartment complex.

“Maybe they need to throw that away at the Post Office and not on private property,” said Henderson.

She says for years, she’s spotted workers dumping items in bins at her complex on Norlakes Drive.

“There’s been numerous times that I’ve notice the mail trucks here on Sundays,” said Henderson.

Tuesday, she looked inside a bin and saw several piles of coupons tossed away.

“I noticed the whole bottom half of the trash bin was coated with the circulars we get in the mail,” said Henderson.

News 4 reached out to the Postal Service to see if their workers were breaking any rules. News 4 is waiting to hear back.

The Postal Service has fired employees in other states for dumping undelivered mail.

Henderson says it’s an offense that needs to be addressed.

“Obviously I don’t want someone to lose their job especially around the holidays, but maybe to start watching them a little bit more and making sure that for the procedures are put in place,” said Henderson.

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