Blood donations slow down around the holidays, a time they are greatly needed

HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- The holidays are a time to give back, and a local group is asking you to think about giving the ultimate Christmas gift, the gift of life.

Around the holidays there aren't as many people donating blood, they are with their families, traveling and are busier than usual. But the holidays are also when donations are greatly needed.

"Especially this time of year with travel increasing, so the risk of accidents increases. So we're always in need of you know, those with O negative blood because that's the blood type that's used to treat trauma patients," said Eric Franchois, the district community development coordinator with LifeSouth Community Blood Centers.

He said a single trauma patient can use upwards of 20 units of o negative red cells and the only way to get them is through people donating.

This time of year LifeSouth can't work with its usual business and schools, so they need the community to step up.

"What greater way to celebrate the holidays than to share the gift of life," Franchois said.

LifeSouth needs to collect around 160 units a day, that blood serves 12 area hospitals. A donation only takes around 40 minutes and could save three lives.

"30 to 45 minutes. Why not bring the whole family? You know the family that saves lives together, stays together," he said. "It's just a great way to give back to our community during the holiday season because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring, and you never know when you might need blood."

He asked that as you think about how you and your family plan to give back this Christmas, consider donating blood and giving the gift of life.

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