Florence officers caught on camera performing good deed

FLORENCE, Ala. – Two Florence police officers are being thanked by their community for helping the less fortunate. Neither officer expected their giving spirit to circle social media.

Patrol Officer’s Bradley Landers and Robert Browder walk the streets of downtown Florence on a regular basis. They come in contact with all sorts of people, including the homeless.

Browder (left), Landers (right)

After buying himself a new pair of boots, Officer Landers just didn’t want to toss the old ones.

“God just laid it on my heart to do something with them,” explained Landers. “A lot of times we just throw stuff away. These, like I said, had an imperfection, but other than that they were fine.”

With winter quickly approaching, Officer Landers put the boots in his patrol car. For the last two weeks, he has ridden around with them, waiting for the opportunity to bless someone. Monday morning, he got his chance.

Courtesy: Brittney Phillips Harper

“When I’m able to help out, I do want to help out,” said Landers. “They weren’t brand new shoes, but I know they were brand new to him.”

Caught on camera by a resident, officer’s Landers and Browder could be seen helping a homeless man put the boots on. They both wanted to make sure he stays warm during the cold temperatures ahead.

“I was very surprised,” stated Browder. “I didn’t expect anybody was out there taking our picture. We weren’t doing it for the fame and the glory. We were out there just trying to help out.”

Behind the bullet proof vest, there’s a heart of compassion and community service.

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