Huntsville makes its Bollywood debut Friday

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Huntsville's Bollywood debut is only four days away!

Over the summer, an Indian romantic drama chose our neck of the woods to come and film for six weeks.

On Friday, 'Zero,' a Bollywood film with a space twist, will hit theaters.

Aside from featuring "The King of Bollywood," Shah Rukh Khan, there's a big reason to watch. "Huntsville, Alabama is part of one of the biggest movies ever made," emphasized Bill Billions, President of the Bill Billions Studio at Hollywood Huntsville.

According to Billions, the movie involved advanced technology.

"They were using something called a technodolly, the most advanced piece of equipment in the world, and there are only a few people who knew how to operate it in the world," he said.

Billions thought Huntsville brought a lot to the project.

"We gave beautiful landscapes, beautiful buildings, the Space and Rocket Center, the Von Braun Center, Providence, Hampton Cove, the Botanical Gardens," he added.

A recognizable sight at the Space and Rocket Center overlooking I-565 jumps out in the already exciting and colorful trailer, which teases the reason why Khan's character wants to come to Huntsville.

"In the movie, he wants to be an astronaut. He wants to go to Huntsville to become an astronaut," Billions explained.

Billions also says usually Huntsville is masked in movies as another location, but this movie is shot on location.

"It will be a movie that many people around the world will see and they will know it's Huntsville. It should make us look good," he added.

Billions's wife Ayoka is listed as one of two casting directors.

"They asked us to do the casting of every American role of every status," he stated.

So who and what of Huntsville made the cut? You'll just have to see yourself.

Huntsville Hollywood is having a watch party at the Madison Square 12 Cinema off of University Drive in Huntsville on Friday, December 21.

They will be at the first showing at 3 p.m. where all are welcome but, be warned, tickets are selling fast!

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