Good Samaritans step in to make sure girl who lost mother in wreck has a good Christmas

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - It can be a powerful moment when the community rallies together to help someone in need. A girl from Athens lost her mother in a car wreck last week and many people have stepped up to donate money to her for the holidays.

One local man said he wanted her to have physical gifts under her tree this Christmas, so he made it happen.

Mia Landinger lost her mother April in a wreck in Cullman last week, and her grandmother is now her primary guardian. Deborah Dollar lives on a fixed income, bringing in less than $800 a month to provide for the both of them, but she said she had to go into debt in order to pay for April’s funeral this past weekend.

Dollar said she has very little money to give Mia the Christmas she deserves, but she knows she’s excited to open up gifts on Christmas day.

Members of the community, such as Kevin Stapler, are stepping up to help make sure that happens.

“It’s kind of like a test by God," he said. "He says, 'Hey, I moved your heart, I’ve given you so much, now let’s see if you will move.' Saturday, when He spoke to me, I moved!”

Stapler stopped by WHNT News 19 on Monday, bearing gifts for Mia, including a brand new bicycle and a big box of toys.

There’s also a GoFundMe to help Mia and her grandmother through this tough time, and so far, people have donated more than $2,000.

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