SCARED TO DEATH: Robbery victim shares her story

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Trenton Logan, 27, is behind bars in connection to a brazen, broad daylight robbery of a 63-year-old woman in Hazel Green. The robbery happened Wednesday and Logan was arrested early Thursday morning.

"I didn't know someone was following me," said Robin Tate, one of Logan's victims.

Robin Tate spent her Wednesday afternoon just like she would any other - with a trip to the grocery store and the bank.

"I pulled all the way up in my driveway and then someone was parked at the end of my driveway. He got out of the car and he caught me off guard," Tate recounted. "He said, 'Have you just come out of Publix?'"

That's when Trenton Logan attacked.

"That fear just scared to death took over me," Tate stated.

Logan grabbed for Tate's purse that was over her shoulder and when he couldn't succeed, he got physical.

"I just went face first into the driveway," Tate explained.

Tate has a message for anyone that could potentially find themselves in situation as scary as hers.

"Have your plan, have it in your head," Tate pleaded. Have that plan in your head. I have a three second rule when I'm out and that is as soon as I get in my car, I have three seconds to lock my door."

Tate was treated at Huntsville Hospital for non-life threatening injuries to her face and wrist; now, she's recovering at home with her family.

"I won't drop that guard again," Tate said.

She only has one word to describe her current emotions.

"I'm lucky, I'm very lucky and that's keeping me up," Tate said.

Logan is currently in the Madison County Jail on a $15,000 bond, charged with third degree robbery, and has also been served with Huntsville Police Department warrants for robbery in the second and third degree.

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