A Wind Advisory has been issued for several counties across North Alabama and Southern Tennessee

Weeks old food found in walk-in, rusty ice maker, gnats found during health inspections


Kentucky Fried Chicken

2208 Beltline Rd SW in Decatur

Score of 84

  • Degreaser left on prep table.
  • Bathroom cleaner left on three-chamber sink drainboard and in restroom unattended.

Rocket Chevron

23030 AL Hwy 20 in Tanner

Score of 79

  • Hand sink out of order.
  • Rusty Ice Maker.
  • Roller unit food Tornados held at 125º.

Tanner Fuel City

20462 Huntsville Hwy in Tanner

Score of 82

  • Damaged fryer basket
  • Livers temped at 111º, Corn Dogs at 124º, Gizzards at 114º


Cyn Shea's Café and Catering

415 Church Street, Ste. 5 in Huntsville

Score of 80

  • Cooked chicken in walk in cooler that was made on 11/20/18.
    • Manager discarded chicken.
    • All items were in date that were ready to eat and will be used over 24 hours.
  • Residue in ice machine.
    • Abated, Manager cleaned ice machine.
  • In walk in cooler, roast beef, mashed potatoes, and spinach dip made on 12/01/18 didn't have a dated label.
    • Also cooked chicken made 11/20/18 didn't have date
    • Abated, manager discarded chicken. All items had dates on them.
  • Presence of Gnats near warewashing area.
    • Abated. Not any presence of gnats.
    • Had pest control company come and spray on 12/03/18.

Chili's Grill & Bar # 188

4925 University Dr in Huntsville

Score of 81

  • Ice machine chute dirty.
    • Abated
  • No paper towels at hand sink.


Big Star #345 Deli

406 4th St. SW in Red Bay

Score of 99