No, You Weren’t Imagining Things: 2018’s Weekends Were Definitely Wet

When we look back at the previous year for any notable weather events and trends, it is usually a devastating storm system or unusual snowfall that takes the “high honors” of punctuating the year.

But 2018 is different. With the exception of the March 19 severe weather outbreak (which produced Alabama’s record breaking hailstone), there weren’t a lot of notable “weather events” to hallmark the year. However, a persistent trend did start early in the year and continue late into December.

A persistently WET trend…of rain falling on the weekend.

Weekends are just 28 percent of the year

Assuming the typical work week consists of a Monday through Friday routine, the remaining Saturdays and Sundays are a welcomed time to decompress, relax and play. [Editor’s Note: We know that not everyone works a Monday through Friday schedule. The meteorologist writing this article works Saturdays and Sundays and is off on Mondays and Tuesdays!]

When you consider that there are 52 weeks in a year, that means that there are 104 weekend days (Saturdays/Sundays) to enjoy. In any given 12-month span, the weekend consists of 28 percent of the year.

But in 2018, 45 out of 104 Saturdays/Sundays featured rain. That means 43 percent of the Saturday/Sunday time frame was wet.

Overall, 30 weekends featured a rainy Saturday or Sunday, or 58 percent of 2018’s weekends were wet. 

As of this writing (December 13), the year to date rainfall for Huntsville is 53.40 inches — 34 percent of which fell on the weekend (17.93″).

For superlatives:

  • The wettest weekend (in terms of rainfall) occurred on April 14-15. As much as 3.77″ of rain fell on Saturday, April 14, and another 0.56″ of rain fell on Sunday, April 15. The weekend total was 4.33″!
  • The month of February featured rain every single Saturday and Sunday. It literally rained every weekend in February 2018!
  • There were a number of weekends in which no rain fell, or a trace of rain fell (with a trace being rainfall too small to measure).
  • The months with the driest weekends were June 2018 and August 2018. In both of those months, rain fell on only one weekend day (Saturday, June 23 and Saturday, August 18).
  • HOWEVER, August 2018 was the driest month — a mere 1.24″ fell during the entire month, and the one weekend day that featured rain (Saturday, August 18) measured only a trace of rainfall

Compiling the data

As handy as spreadsheet systems are, sometimes it’s more fun to analyze data by hand. Below are our notes regarding 2018’s weekend rainfall.

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