Are you prepared? These preparation steps can help you be ready in the event of a fire

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- This week, a fire destroyed a house in the Harvest area. Losing your home and all of your belongings to a fire is devastating for anybody, especially during the holidays. A local insurance agent offers tips on how to protect your assets.

"This is a horrible time of year because you have Christmas coming up," explained Insurance Agent Terry Dumer. "Lots of people have made their Christmas purchases and stuff. But if you have a cell phone you can take pictures of your receipts so you can have some documentation of what you do have."

Dumer adds having a video, photo or written inventory of each room is also a good idea. That information moves insurance claims along faster and helps agencies provide proper reimbursement.

"There are also certain agencies that work with you as far as advances because you may need to get new clothes. You have your personal hygiene type things: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap shampoo. All those types of things people normally forget about," Dumer said.

While these items are essential, Dumer says personal safety is the most important. "You can replace those things but you can't replace a life."

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