Rain Again: rain to end the week, but what about the weather leading up to Christmas?

Two dry days separate two solid soakings. Tuesday and Wednesday gave us our window of drier weather, and now the rain is coming back to stay for a while! A dynamic December storm system digs in for the rest of this week thickening clouds tonight, spreading in showers by Thursday afternoon, and setting up an almost all-day rain for Friday.

Clouds and a south breeze keep temperatures up a little tonight: lows in the mid-30s in the colder rural spots, lower 40s in town. Thursday looks like the warmest day of the next week with a high close to 60ºF, and some scattered showers creep in as early as 1-2 PM near the Mississippi border. Thursday’s best chance of rain holds off until around and after sunset; it will rain most of Thursday night into Friday.

Friday and the weekend: Get set to get wet! Rain pours down most of the day Friday totaling up around one-half to one full inch of rainfall before the day is over. The heaviest rain happens earlier in the day; some ‘breaks’ in the steady rain pass in the afternoon and evening, but light rain, spotty showers and some drizzle will hang around through the evening and Friday night as well.

Saturday looks fairly wet as well; a 40% chance of showers does not quite cover the duration of the rain. So what can you expect? Look for generally light showers and some patchy drizzle Saturday morning through midday. Some spotty light rain may be left in the afternoon, but most of the measurable rain ends before 3 PM. Clouds, showers, and some slightly colder air building in keep it chilly: highs in the upper 40s/lower 50s Saturday afternoon.

Total rainfall through Saturday looks substantial: around 0.5″ to 1.5″ on average.

Clouds stick around through Sunday, but the rain moves away from the region. Sunday looks dry and cool: highs in the mid-50s underneath a mostly cloudy sky. The sun may break through some thin spots in the overcast now and then, but the over-all picture is pretty gray and damp for Sunday.

Looking toward next week: It’s the last week before Christmas, and the weather looks great for a change! There is no (visible at this point) chance of rain, storms, snow or anything nasty next week. Expect highs in the 50s (might even squeeze out a few 60s by Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), and lows mainly in the 20s and 30s.

For some perspective, we haven’t had more than two-straight days of sunshine since Halloween.  We’ll finally get some much-needed time in the sun next week before things start flip-flopping on us again.

Christmas long shot: The trend toward Christmas is not favorable for the great weather to last all the way to the 25th. A storm system lurking out there in the longer-range guidance probably brings some wet weather next weekend that might last into Christmas Eve. It’s going to get colder around Christmas, but as of now it does not look exceptionally cold nor does it look like we’ll have snow this go-around.

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