TVA sends out 2019 Browns Ferry calendar with important evacuation information

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala.- The Tennessee Valley Authority released its 2019 Browns Ferry Calendar. Those who live near the plant will receive a copy in the mail. And the TVA says you shouldn't throw it away, because it contains life-saving information.

"Just take a couple of minutes. Go through the information. Post the calendars in a pantry or some place that is easily accessible," said TVA spokesman Scott Fiedler. "That way they have the information in case something were to happen at the plant."

TVA wants to prepare those who live near the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in the event of an emergency, especially one of a nuclear nature. While officials hope they never need to sound the alarm, they are prepared to do so.

"In the case of an emergency, we have sirens that would go off if you're outdoors," Fiedler explained. "Also, the counties would have emergency messages sent to your phone as needed. It's all based on keeping you informed to keep you safe."

55,000 people will be mailed the calendar. There's a card to fill out for those who may need extra assistance during an evacuation.

"If you have special needs, for example, you are oxygen or wheelchair bound. In the event of an emergency, the county would know that information and would help evacuate you," said Fiedler.

If you received a copy, don't throw it away. You can also find the important evacuation information and how to prepare your household on the TVA website.

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