The Waldrop Sextuplets of Albertville celebrate their first birthday

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. – It’s been one year since six of the cutest brothers and sisters were brought into this world. The Waldrop sextuplets celebrated their first birthday on Tuesday!

On December 11th, Courtney Waldrop, of Albertville, gave birth to the 6 at Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children.  She named the three boys Blu, Layke, and Tag, and the three girls, Rawlings, Rayne, and Rivers.

Courtney and her husband Eric have been together since the eighth grade. The sextuplets will join their three other sons, Sailor, and twin boys, Bridge and Wales.

They’re the first sextuplets born at Huntsville Hospital and the first set born in Alabama since 2011. A team of 40 people, from different departments, did a dozen drills to prepare for the births. Each baby had its own team of staff and its own team color. They used the ROY G BIV color order of the rainbow and each baby was assigned a color according to the order they were born.

After their first year, everyone is said to be doing just fine.

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