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Lauderdale County students receive a lesson in giving

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. – As schools begin to wrap-up their first semesters of instruction, normally things slow down a bit. But for one school in Lauderdale County, hundreds of students are getting a life lesson in what the holiday season truly means.

Lauderdale County High School students Ali Nance and Sidney Veal didn’t let freezing fog and cold temperatures deter them from their mission Tuesday morning of spreading a little Christmas cheer. Their stop was at the Lauderdale County Board of Education where they recognized the secretaries.

“They are the reason we are in the school system we are, and we have them to thank for that,” said Nance. “They don’t realize that they are a big part of our lives.”

The entire student body at Lauderdale County School in Rogersville is participating in “12 Days of Giving”. Each day, a group of students honor those who make their life a little better, and they are not confining it to the school walls.

“Our whole school really gets together and makes sure everybody has a good Christmas, and makes sure everyone has someone to be with or something to have for Christmas,” explained Veal.

Outside of the math, science, and English curriculum, there is a valuable life lesson being taught.

“Christmas time is a lot of times about getting and getting and getting and gifts,” stated Lauderdale County High School Assistant Principal Casey Tate. “I really want them to see that there’s more to it than that. There’s a greater reward in giving than receiving.”

A lesson these students, and even us adults, should remember over the holidays.

This is the first year Lauderdale County School has participated in “12 Days of Giving”. On the last day, students who may not receive anything for Christmas, will be given gifts purchased through student fundraising.

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