Dr. Michael Dick given August trial date on patient harassment charges

DECATUR, Ala. -- Decatur physician Michael Dick has been given an August trial date on criminal harassment charges related to allegations from three former patients.

The allegations against Dick have led to a suspension of his medical license. Under Alabama Board of Medical Examiner rules, he faces a hearing on January 23.

Wilson Hunter, general counsel for the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners, told WHNT News 19 Tuesday that investigators have filed an administrative complaint and will seek the revocation of Dr. Dick's license at the hearing.

Dick was scheduled for an arraignment Tuesday morning, but he waived it Monday and Morgan County Circuit Judge Steven Haddock set his trial date for Aug. 26, 2019.

Dick was found guilty of one count of harassment in Decatur Municipal Court in September. He entered guilty pleas on two other counts following that verdict, with an eye toward appealing all three cases to Morgan County’s Circuit Court.

He has denied wrongdoing and testified during his trial his behavior, such as touching a patient’s face, was part of medical treatment.

Dick is also contending with a lawsuit that includes more than 20 former patients and is focused on numerous allegations of sexual misconduct.

Dick is alleged to have had inappropriate physical contact with numerous patients, including a disabled woman who cannot speak. The lawsuit alleges the incidents took place with no nurse in the room and on some occasions, with a nurse in the room.


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