Total of five lawsuits filed against bus company, driver in November fatal crash

With recent court filings, there are now five lawsuits filed against the bus company and its driver, involved in November’s deadly crash in DeSoto County, Mississippi. Two women from Huntsville were killed in the crash and dozens more were injured.

The bus was traveling from Huntsville to a casino in Tunica, Mississippi. Two Madison County residents who were on the bus at the time of the crash were the first to sue the agency and its driver.

Four more lawsuits against Teague VIP Express, LLC and driver Robin Vines were filed over the last two weeks. That brings the total so far to five.

Nine people involved within the suits allege Vines was driving a commercial bus too fast for the weather conditions on November 15, 2018. The lawsuit also claims Vines did not have an appropriate license to drive the bus.

Willa Mae Cooper, a Madison County resident, claims the bus taking the passengers from Huntsville to the Fitz Tunica Casino & Hotel had a history of ‘out of service’ defects. Cooper is seeking money for mental anguish, pain and suffering and medical expenses.

In a second lawsuit, Veronica Love, of Madison County, Minnie Allen, of Lawrence County, Hilda McComb, of Morgan County, Willie Corner, of Madison County also claim Vines was driving too fast considering the weather conditions. They are seeking money for their injuries and legal costs.

Love said the driver caused the bus to weave between lanes, strike a bridge wall, then overturn before coming to a complete stop on the shoulder.

In a third lawsuit, Briana Henry, a Limestone County resident, is suing the bus company and the driver. She said she suffered injuries, including those to the neck, back, and head.

Bobbie Clack, a Madison County resident, said the bus was inspected on February 22, 2017. Her lawsuit alleges the bus that carried the passengers headed for the casino, along with two others, required major repairs before they were deemed roadworthy. Clack claims only a portion of those repairs were accomplished.

Clack said she lost consciousness during the crash because of ‘blows to the head.’

According to court documents, there are no criminal charges filed in this case against Vines.

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