Tennessee mother and baby rescued after falling 20 feet into storm drain

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**Embargo: Nashville, TN** A woman carrying her baby suddenly fell in and tumbled around 20 feet down as she went over a storm grate.

Clarksville, TN (WSMV) — “911. What is your emergency?,” a Montgomery county dispatcher asked on Thursday.

“I have a mom with a toddler that fell into a sewer grate at Rossview High School,” the caller said.

A woman carrying her baby was walking through Rossview High School’s back parking lot.

As she went over a storm grate, she suddenly fell in and tumbled around 20 feet down.

“Their thoughts were let’s get the lady out as quickly as possible and based off the time, they did a great job getting her out in a very timely manner,” Randy Ellis with the Clarksville Fire Department said.

Ellis helped with the response.

It took first responders about 30 minutes to rescue the woman and her child.

“The baby was pretty excited, which is a good thing especially from a distance that far. You want to hear the baby crying and that’s what it was doing. That was good news to hear and see that,” Ellis said.

The deputy chief for the fire department called it a good example of why it’s important to call 911 for this kind of situation.

“To anyone out there, if you see something, call it in. It doesn’t make a difference how many times it’s called in. Just call it in. At least you know yourself you called it in,” Deputy Chief Ray Williams said.

An ambulance took the baby to the hospital. The baby had a scrape, but is expected to be okay.

As for the mom, she was lifeflighted to another hospital. The extent of her injuries are unclear, but News 4 learned she was conscious, talking, and had no serious injuries.

A spokesman with the Clarksville-Montgomery County school system told News4 they launched their own investigation into what happened.

They said every storm grate on each campus has been inspected.

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