Alabama gas prices drop drastically lower than previous years

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The state of Alabama's average gas price is $2.12 a gallon, which is nine cents lower than this time last year.

"We've seen gas prices in Alabama drop 30 cents just in the last month, in fact almost 35 cents a gallon is what we've seen and that's tremendous drop," said Clay Ingram with AAA Alabama.

Ingram wants to stress how important "price shopping" is to keep prices on the downward slope.

"Looking at the signs to see how much the gas costs before we pull into the station. A lot of us buy gas based on convenience rather than price and that's the wrong way to do it we need to be watching those prices. It puts downwards pressure on gas prices when we price shop," Ingram said.

You might think prices go up during the winter holidays, but Ingram says it's the other way around.

"Demand is the biggest factor and during the summer time when it's warm and the kids are out of school people are taking their family vacations our demand is really really high," Ingram said. "Then, in the fall it starts to slowly drop as the weather cools off and then the winter time our demand is at its lowest cause the weather is just not conducive to getting out and taking trips going to the beach and going on vacations and stuff like that. So, when our demand is very low in the cold months our prices tend to be pretty low then as well."

Ingram expects prices to drop a little bit more, closer to $2 a gallon, leading up to Christmas and then again in early January.

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