Fast-paced weather brings the cold and then a threat of storms

A strong, dynamic fall storm system crosses the southern half of the nation late this week and ends up in Alabama and Tennessee on Saturday. Ahead of it, the weather warms dramatically: highs in the mid-60s Friday and close to 70ºF on Saturday.

Think about that: 40ºF for a high on Tuesday, near 70ºF on Saturday.

That kind of warm-up destabilizes the atmosphere quickly Saturday morning, and that could lead to some severe storms in the region. Timing and intensity are still very questionable because we’re so far away from this. As of this writing, it looks like there might be just enough space between the best dynamics (lift) and thermodynamics (fuel) to keep the severe threat at a minimum in North Alabama; however, we’ll have to watch the trend very, very carefully in coming days.

Be prepared for a risk of some severe storms Saturday followed by at least one more really warm day Sunday before another surge of cold, December air blows into the region next week.

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