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Couple shopping during Riverchase Galleria shooting shares their story

HOOVER, Ala - Protests were held outside the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover Saturday. This comes just two days after a shooting at the mall that left one man dead and two people injured. Police are now saying the man they shot and killed, Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford, was not the shooter. During an altercation at the mall, someone shot an 18-year-old man and a 12-year-old girl was also injured. Police now believe the person who pulled the trigger is still at large.

WHNT News 19 got in contact with a couple who was at the mall during the shooting and they agreed to share their story.

Chris and Alice Abernathy live in Anniston. Going shopping on Thanksgiving is an annual tradition for them. They say they never thought fleeing from a shooter would be part of that experience.

"We heard some shots. I looked up. I knew exactly what they were," Alice Abernathy remembered.

The couple was shopping at Belk when shots were fired.

"Big thanks to a young man in a dressing room who had come out. He was trying on clothes and we sheltered in his dressing room with him," she said.

Protests took place outside the mall Saturday calling for justice for EJ. They want the Hoover police officer who fired the deadly shot to be held accountable.

The couple says it was a confusing and chaotic scene inside the mall.

"We need to be patient and see what the investigation says about what actually happened there. But I can't imagine being a law enforcement officer in that situation where gunshots have been fired in a crowd and now you see a dozen or more people waving guns," Chris Abernathy said.

They are glad more people weren't hurt in this violent turn of events during their annual holiday shopping trip.

At last update, the 18-year-old man or 12-year-old girl were still recovering in the hospital. Both are expected to survive.

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