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Law enforcement is confident Huntsville is safe for holiday shoppers

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Shoppers here in Huntsville hit the stores and Christmas sales on Friday, a day following a shooting at the shopping mall in Hoover, just over 100 miles from Huntsville.

During the holiday season, most Huntsville shopping centers already have additional security, and some even have additional Huntsville police officers on scene. That's why Huntsville Police Department Lt. Michael Johnson believes Huntsville shopping centers are ready in case violence breaks out.

"Our goal again is to be visible and be a crime deterrent and that's exactly what we hope happens," Johnson said. "If there's anyone who has some criminal intent or has intentions of doing something wrong when they come to these areas, they're probably going to run into one of our officers or see one of our officers out."

Law enforcement asks you to remember  no matter how good the sale might be, it's never important enough to get violent with each other.

"We ask the public to be patient with one another. We know the sales going on sometimes tensions can rise and emotions can rise, so we ask people to be patient with one another," Johnson said.

Johnson wants to remind you if you ever feel unsafe while you're out shopping, feel free to call HPD; chances are they already have an officer nearby and ready to help.


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