3 tips to having an energy efficient holiday

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Between big holiday meals with lots of cooking, Christmas lights going up and extra people coming to visit, your utility bill can definitely put a damper on your holiday mood.

Not to worry, Huntsville Utilities has some ideas on what you can do to keep your bill low and spirits high during the holiday season.

"The three things you need to be thinking about are heating your home, of course, there's a lot of cooking that goes on and then there are usually a lot of leftovers," said Joe Gehrdes with Huntsville Utilities.

A spike in utilities normally depends on the weather and luckily this Thanksgiving that shouldn't be a problem.

"Fortunately, we have very moderate weather this year, so bump the heat down a couple of degrees, especially with all the cooking. If you're entertaining a lot of people they're gonna generate heat on their own," Gehrdes said.

Try your best to be energy efficient with all the cooking in the kitchen during this time of year.

"When you're putting away your leftovers, let those leftovers cool down before you store them in your refrigerator or your freezer. If you put them away hot, then your fridge or freezer are going to work harder to cool it down," Gehrdes said.

Gehrdes also recommends not checking on your cooking as much. The more you check the longer you cook and the more energy you use, which means high bills to pay.

Gehrdes says you should take everything you need to cook out of your fridge at once, instead of making multiple trips and opening your fridge more.

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