KITCHEN SAFETY TIPS: Don’t let your Thanksgiving go up in flames

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - According to the National Fire Prevention Agency, the greatest number of home cooking fires happen on Thanksgiving day.

One of the biggest causes of fires in the United States is unattended cooking and Thanksgiving is no exception. Huntsville Fire and Rescue wants to remind you to protect your home and family while prepping your holiday meal.

"Definitely do not leave your food unattended. With the high amounts of food that's being cooked, people typically like to leave their food at any given time cause that's basically an all-day thing. When they're cooking all day, they tend to lose track of the food from time to time," said Assistant Fire Marshal, Trent Bennett.

Another issue that firefighters see on Thanksgiving is trying to deep fry a turkey.

"A lot of people want to throw them directly into the grease, which definitely is not good you have to let it thaw out and let it dry before you throw it in," Bennett said.

Part of being prepared means knowing the basics of fire extinguishers.

"First of all know how to use your fire extinguisher and know when to use it. In that case, we use the pass method. If you've never used a fire extinguisher, you want to pull the pin, you want to aim the nozzle, squeeze and then sweep," Bennett said.

Bennett also recommends cleaning your stove and oven before you start cooking your Thanksgiving meal to get rid of any grease build up.

Bennett says if a fire starts, try your best to remain calm. He knows it's easier said than done, but it's best not to panic. All of these reminders and tips should lead to a safer and peaceful holiday.


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