Black Friday goers preparing for the big shopping day

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The day before Thanksgiving most of us are thinking about what we're going to eat, but some people are already prepping for Black Friday and the Huntsville Times is helping them do that with their newspapers.

"Normally, the paper is just delivered like your regular delivery so those who would get the Friday paper would get it Friday morning, whereas if you buy it today you get it today," said Dianne Poffenberger, a newspaper carrier for the Huntsville Times.

The Huntsville Times had their Thanksgiving day copy for sale a day early to help residents prep for their Black Friday shopping trips.

"Sometimes we plan and maybe go two or three times at different places and different times," said Leslie Simmons, one resident who grabbed her newspaper early.

Black Friday can be a hectic experience, especially since some stores open and start their sales on Thanksgiving.

Poffenberger says getting these papers out early helps all of the shoppers heading to the stores this week.

"People plan it out to the detail they know exactly which store they want to hit where they want to go and where these items are in the store," Poffenberger said.

Poffenberger says that she enjoys helping other people prepare for the big sales and hopes everyone has a good Black Friday experience, after eating some turkey, of course.

People who were out buying the Thanksgiving paper say that they're thankful for the paper coming out a day early. It gives them the opportunity to really prepare for what they're getting into on Black Friday.

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