Thanksgiving travel numbers expected to hit 13 year high

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Thanksgiving is one of, if not the busiest travel holiday. This year, five percent more people are hitting the road than last year. It's the highest amount of travelers hitting the road in 13 years.

Tis the season for turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, but before people can get to all of that they have to arrive to the kitchen table.

Five percent more travelers nation-wide will be making a trip for Thanksgiving and AAA Alabama's Clay Ingram expects that trend to be seen here in Alabama.
He says five percent might seem like a small number, it's huge.

"Doesn't sound like much if you're going to a sale at the mall, but when you start talking about travel numbers we typically see about one percent year from one holiday to the next. If it's two percent that's a big jump. Three percent, that's huge. So, to be at almost five percent, that's just incredible," Ingram said.

What's driving people to travel this year?

"The economy is a little better, unemployment is at a really low-level right now, and personal incomes are up a little bit," Ingram said.

Because of those factors, more than 54 million people will be traveling.

"Airports are going to be crowded, they're going to be busy, long lines going through security the check-in points things like that," Ingram said.

While it might get busy at airports, Ingram says 90 percent of people will be getting in their cars and hitting the road. So along with all their other belongs he hopes people pack their patience.

"Take the stress out of it and don't become an irritated, agitated, aggressive driver and start making unsafe, bad decisions."

He hopes people remember its better to arrive safely instead of quickly.

Surprisingly, low gas prices are not one of the factors driving people to travel this year. In fact, gas is more expensive this year compared to last year.

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