Porch pirates are already at it in Albertville

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. -- The Albertville Police Department already received several reports about stolen packages taken right off of the porch.

Albertville Police Chief Jamie Smith said it's a crime of opportunity, and one they saw last year.

"We had a couple reports of vehicles following an actual delivery truck just to see where they stopped, how many packages they dropped at a certain house," Smith said.

The department is doing what it can to get the word out that thieves are already at it.

"Our guys are doing what they can, a little more proactive patrols in the neighborhoods during the days, and with the holidays coming it's only going to get worse," Smith said.

Try to be home when the package arrives, and see if you can track it or get notifications to your phone so you can be sure of the timing. If you're not at home, have a trusted neighbor or friend come and get the package from your house when it gets dropped off. You can also check to see if you can have it delivered to your or your significant other's job, or to a family member who stays at home.

"It may even get to the point where we may even try to add some officers during the prime delivery times," Smith said.

He added if you notice someone driving slowly through your neighborhood or who is acting suspicious, call your local law enforcement agency.

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