Huntsville unveils its Big Picture Growth and Development Plan

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Mayor Tommy Battle and the City of Huntsville have come up with a comprehensive plan that outlines what is going to boost the Rocket City within the next 10 to 20 years.

Battle said the plan was three and a half years in the making. It is now available to anyone who wants to look into it.

"The Big Picture is something that's very important to us. It's sort of our guidebook to the future," Battle said.

Battle called this Big Picture plan an ever-changing plan. That means Huntsville citizens can continue to submit their input on projects and developments.

Some of the work is already underway like the expansion and construction going on currently at John Hunt Park.

As the plan evolves, residents can watch it evolve in real time, online.

You can find the full Big Picture plan on a website specifically designated for it.

The homepage consists of four tabs:

  1. Principles
    • ¬†Lists six different ideals that the City and the citizens of Huntsville developed for the improvement of the Rocket City
  2. Policies
    • Explains the City's framework for each project and development
  3. Places
    • ¬†Maps out where new projects and developments are in the city
  4. Process
    • Explains how the City came up with all of these improvement plans including resources and community growth issues

The City of Huntsville said the website will be updated on a regular basis, quite possibly quarterly. They say every time something changes within the plan, the citizens will see a change to the site.


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