Indian Creek Greenway visitors experiencing car break-ins

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  At the bottom of the Creekwood Neighborhood lies a problem. People's cars are being broken into at the Indian Creek Greenway, a park that many local residents frequent.

Residents go to the Greenway to exercise, let their kids play and walk their dogs. They all park in one of two public parking lots, both of which have fallen victim to break-ins.

Police warn it's usually what thieves can see on the inside of the vehicle that attracts them.

"It's kind of tempting for a criminal, if you walk by and in plain view there's a laptop on the seat. That definitely is going to make your car a particular victim of a B and E. They're going to break in it first."

One park visitor said he goes to the Greenway five days a week and he's very concerned for people's safety.

"Just for a band-aid would be a couple of cameras, so that we can identify the people who do it. That's less expensive than the policemen. Three policemen in front of 20 who want to steal out of cars, they cannot do anything," said Paolo Giacomoni.

HPD said this should just remind people that their belongings being visible in any parking lot could result in theft.

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