Madison County Commission working to determine parameters for noise ordinance

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Madison County voters recently approved a new noise ordinance bumping a noise issue up from a civil matter to a class C misdemeanor.

"A noise ordinance is coming to the third largest county in Alabama," said Madison County Commission Chairman, Dale Strong.

This means the Madison County Sheriff's Office will now respond to just about any noise complaint, but the sheriff's office has to wait to hear from the Madison County Commission about the true meaning of this ordinance in order to enforce the new law.

"A noise ordinance is only as good as the parameters that you set," added Strong. "We're not here to stop people from being able to shoot a firearm, there's a lot of misconceptions, or somebody cranking their truck in the morning but if somebody is creating a havoc on somebody in a district and their commissioner is made aware of it."

Strong says each member of the commission will bring something to the table to decide how to move forward.

"We're the third largest county in the state of Alabama and our commission knows the heartbeat of what's going on in each district, and so what we're wanting to do is bring the top two issues let's find what they are," Strong said.

The commission has not set a specific date for when they're planning to sit down and specify the terms of the new ordinance, but leaders say it will happen soon.

A noise violation, now a class C misdemeanor, carries up to a $500 fine and possible jail time.

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