ThinkerCon 2018 comes to the Rocket City

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - ThinkerCon 2018 is the first of its kind and it debuted in the Rocket City.

"There's nothing like this. This is really a beacon for the community," said Malik Ducard, the global head of education for YouTube.

It's a day for online creators who are passionate about online education to come together and engage with their fans through panel discussions, science experiments and more.

"We really want to educate the world and usually it's when we're educating ourselves," said Destin Sandlin, a Huntsville native aerospace engineer and organizer of ThinkerCon.

Hundreds of YouTube creators from all over the world who create educational content came here to Huntsville to keep that education going. One creator said that he thinks the people that come to these events could one day change the world.

"I think these are the kind of people that folks follow and are drawn to, and the kind of person that jumps on the internet and uses it to inspire people to think and gain something out with them. That's a lot more attractive to me than someone who jumps on the internet and lobs bombs at people they don't like," said Matt Whitman, a YouTube creator.

Ducard used two words to describe the city of Huntsville: audaciousness and dreams. He used those same words to explain ThinkerCon saying the two go hand in hand.

ThinkerCon organizers hope that Saturday's event was only the beginning for the Huntsville community; they hope that the community here in the Rocket City continues to pursue online educational content.


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