The Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend!

(Image: Mike Wilhelm)

The skies have cleared out just in time for the peak of the Leonid Meteor Shower this weekend! The shower peaks Sunday morning, as Earth passes through the debris trail of the comet Temple-Tuttle. The peak of the shower stretches from midnight through dawn Sunday, but you’re best chance of seeing a meteor will be closer to Sunday morning. That’s because the waxing gibbous moon could create too much light and wash out meteors Saturday evening. The moon sets around 1AM, so it should be out of the way for a few hours before the sun rises around 6AM.

For your best chance at seeing a few meteors you’ll need to head outside away from city lights. The less light pollution there is over you, the better for viewing! At its peak the Leonids shower can produce 10-20 meteors per hour. While the meteors radiate from the the constellation Leo, you don’t need to look in its direction to see the meteors; simply look up!

A few clouds will be drifting through Saturday night, but skies will be clear enough to spot the meteors that appear. With clear skies and light winds, temperatures will drop easily overnight, so bring your coats and some warm drinks with you too! Temperatures will fall back into the upper 30s to low 40s into Sunday morning during the peak viewing hours between 4AM-6AM.

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