Sheffield police catch flak for shooting dog hit by car

SHEFFIELD, Ala. – The Sheffield Police Department has been receiving backlash on social media for a situation that happened Wednesday morning. Officers say they were forced to make a difficult decision before the morning commute started.

Second Street is one of the busier roads in Sheffield. It was there that a dog was hit by a motorist. Police responded to a request for assistance at 6:45 a.m.

“Officers got there and assessed the situation, and determined the dog was not going to be viable. Its life was terminal,” stated Lt. Ray Terry.

Lt. Terry was the patrol supervisor on duty Wednesday morning. He says the responding officers contacted animal control about the health of the dog.

Lt. Ray Terry

WHNT News 19 was told everyone involved agreed the suffering animal needed to be put down. Police then cleared the area, including the original 911 caller, and shot the dog.

“He informed her he was going to have to euthanize the animal, and asked her to go ahead and leave. She did so, she left with her and her children because she didn’t want to see that.”

Lt. Terry says the Sheffield Police Department doesn’t have a policy for dealing with such incidents, but they take all necessary precautions and try and do the right thing.

“We had communication and agreed that this was a plan and this is what we are going to have to do, the most humane thing,” said Terry.

Sheffield police are just hoping the public can now understand the situation better.

In the past, Sheffield police say they have had to perform similar acts when deer or other wildlife would be hit by vehicles.

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