Reflecting on the Airport Road tornado 29 Years Later

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  The aftermath was horrific. Homes and buildings flattened in the aftermath of an EF-4 tornado.  29 years ago on November 15, that tornado swept across South Huntsville, killing 21 people and injuring more than 400.

On Airport Road alone, many homes, vehicles, businesses and even a church were destroyed.

The tornado traveled a path of more than 18 miles down Airport Road, across Garth, and over Jones Valley.

The Trinity United Methodist Church was completely demolished after the tornado hit. A current Trinity UMC employee said her mother was at the church when the tornado hit it.

"She was outside when it hit. So she grabbed onto the brick walls and held on," said Amy McBroom. "The people who were here that day were risking their lives. At that time we didn't have the sirens or the Doppler and they didn't know it was coming. They just had minutes before it hit."

Following the tornado in 1989, Trinity UMC had to be completely rebuilt. The only thing the church could salvage was a stained glass wall, an altar, and an old baptismal font.

The rest of the building was caught in the storm.

And although Trinity UMC's walls may have been torn down in the tornado, the church's faith stood the test of time until their new building was finished.

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