Remembering longtime Marshall County Commissioner R.E. Martin

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. - Longtime Marshall County Commissioner R.E. Martin passed on Wednesday.

Martin passed away at a hospital early Wednesday morning. He was 81.

R.E. Martin
Marshall County Commission

Martin was first elected to the commission in 1994 and served more than 20 years as Marshall County District #2 Commissioner.

Governor Kay Ivey ordered the flags in Marshall County lowered to honor his life.

He was married to Mrs. Ruby Martin for 52 years. Mrs. Martin passed away nine years ago. A native of Grant, his family is part of Marshall County's earliest settlers. Martin graduated from DAR High School.

"He had a small country store there in Grant, there in the same community he grew up, back in 1966," said his son, Robert Martin, "He ran that and later on that's where he developed those community skills and looking out for the community."

Martin was a family man and a person who loved to help others. That's what he enjoyed most about his job as commissioner. His family says a few of his achievements include bringing water and paved roads to all rural areas of his district, as well as his numerous contributions to DAR School projects.

"Longest commissioner we've had in Marshall County," said Commission Chairman James Hutcheson, "He was just a pleasure to work with. To begin with, he's a darn good friend. He came from an outstanding family. His whole family is a good group of people."

"A very humble man," Robert Martin remembered, "He didn't like the limelight of being the road commissioner as much as he did meeting people and being part of the community."

Visitation will be Friday, November 16 at Grassy Mountain Holiness Church from 12-8 pm.
Funeral will be at 1:00PM on Saturday. Brother Eddie Saint and Brother Jack Lynch officiating. Interment will be in Panquin Cemetery.

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