November Snow: Is it even possible in north Alabama? A look back at previous Novembers

Here in the WHNT News 19 Weather Office, we like to look at previous years’ data to determine whether an outcome is likely or not when analyzing forecast data.

While we continue to monitor the conditions for Tuesday morning (additional forecast details are available here), it prompted the question: What’s the heaviest snowfall for the month of November in the Huntsville area? And what’s the coldest November day on record?

November Snowfall

The graph below shows the top 10 snowfall totals for the month of November in Huntsville’s period of record (which spans as far back as 1907):

On November 2, 1966, as much as 4 inches of snow fell, but it did not last long. Just three days later, temperatures rebounded back into the 60s, and the area spent a work week in the 70s following the snow.


Coldest Day in November

The graph below shows that November 24-25, 1950 was a bone-chilling series of days: After a high of 65 degrees on Thanksgiving (Nov. 23), temperatures dropped like a rock and eventually plummeted to 1 degree the morning of November 25. The afternoon high that day? 19 degrees. The Huntsville area spent another three days at or around freezing before finally thawing out nearly a week later.

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