Huntsville bar owners speak about how they keep patrons safe in light of California mass shooting

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-  For bar owners in Huntsville, the mass shooting in California is another reminder of how important security is.

"It hasn't been hard to police, but it's always on my mind," Furniture Factory bar and grill owner Mark Komara said.

The patio isn't as crowded at Furniture Factory now that the days are getting colder. Some nights with a live band, the Huntsville bar welcomes hundreds of people.

"If I'm in here with customers, my eyes are always peeled," Komara said.

With decades of experience in the service industry, Komara prides himself on being able to spot a troublemaker.

"I tell our staff, if somebody looks suspicious, ask them what's up. If they give you any lip at all, ask them to leave," Komara said.

This week, police say a gunman walked into a California bar and killed 12 people. Komara says he plans to hire an armed police officer for the bar on weekends.

"We had great security cameras at the old place. Here, we've heightened that and the lighting in the parking lot," The End Zone bartender Lance Warner said.

This year, owners at The End Zone bar moved to a new location on University Drive.

"We can see what's going on. We've got our camera system behind the bar," Warner explained. "We can see every angle, outside, inside and the patio."

The End Zone managers say surveillance goes a long way, but they rely on their loyal customers to help spot any trouble.

"They're the ones looking out for you," Warner said. "If they see something getting heated, they're the first ones to tell you."

Bar managers say if you're going to a new bar for the first time, the first thing you should do is find both exits and have a plan to get out quickly if there's trouble.

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