Live Blog: The latest news on the 2018 midterm elections

It’s fair to say this will be a long, exciting night. Lots of races in Alabama and across the country that of our great interest. We’re going to give you updates, some really interesting analysis of voters attitudes from an Associated Press, National Opinion Research Center survey and plenty of breaking news. Here goes …


Brian Lawson November 6, 201810:49 pm

Lots of familiar names returned to new terms on Tuesday. Including judges, circuit clerk, several House members, Senators. Coroner job remains in the Berryhill family.

Brian Lawson November 6, 201810:12 pm

State Rep. Mike Ball cruised to victory in House 10, with 54% of vote in three-candidate race. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 201810:10 pm

In Senate 6,  Democrat Johnny Mack Morrow leads Larry Stutts, in a pretty heated race that drew lot of ads, 53-47, 56% of vote in. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 201810:09 pm

Butler wins AL Senate 2, over Wasyluka, 54-46, 30k to 25k. Madison Co. was razor thin, but not rest of district.

Brian Lawson November 6, 201810:02 pm

Senate 2: Madison Co. 100 percent of precincts in. Butler 50.39%, 23,927, to Wasyluka’s 49.52%, 23,511. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:59 pm

RAGA just issued a statement congratulating Marshall: 

“Tonight is a great
night for the people of Alabama. Over the past year and a half, Steve Marshall
has had the courage to take on the toughest issues. He has been a leader on
fighting opioids in Alabama, serving as the co-chair of the Governor’s Opioid
Overdose and Addiction Council. He has also defended our immigration laws by
working with federal authorities to end sanctuary cities. Attorney General
Marshall is also working to crack down on violent crime and human trafficking.
He has done so much for the state he loves, I’m glad the good people of Alabama
stood with Steve Marshall and elected him their Attorney General. The rule of
law and the people of Alabama are always going to be his first priorities.”

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:59 pm

AP calls AG race for Steve Marshall over Joseph Siegelman. Siegelman and Marshall runoff opponent Troy King, said $730k Marshall got from the Republican Attorneys General Association, RAGA, was illegal PAC to PAC transfer … 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:53 pm

In Madison County, Amendment 2 ‘no right to abortion’ measure — ‘no vote’ is leading, 53% to 47% Statewide, yes votes are winning about 60-40.

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:49 pm

Madison Co. Sheriff’s race Republican Kevin Turner, 57% to Democrat Tim Clardy’s 43%

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:46 pm

Senate 2 race, 96% of Madison Co. precincts in, Butler 23,271, 50.39, Wasyluka 23,511, 49.52.

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:44 pm

Republican Sam Givhan has 11 point lead in Senate 7 race; House 20 Sanderford (R) leads Meigs by 17 points, Reynolds over Jones by 13 in House 21. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:38 pm

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:31 pm

Democrat Peter Joffrion concedes in House race won by Mo Brooks. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:30 pm

Butler now leads Wasyluka 50.72 to 49.19. 22,206 to 21,537. 92% of Madison Co. precincts in. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:15 pm

Wow, 80 percent of precincts in, Tom Butler -R leads Amy Wasyluka -D, 15,359 to 15,136

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:13 pm

Mood at Walt Maddox camp, down. Turned off TVs during Ivey’s speech. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:12 pm

Ivey, I plan to replicate a proven model to govern Alabama over next 4 years. I had one simple goal as a public servant. i want to leave things in far better shape than when I started. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:11 pm

Ivey: We are focused on being effective. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:11 pm

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:08 pm

Ivey: I am ever so grateful for your steadfast support, your prayers and your vote. We’ve made history, the first Republican woman elected governor. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:07 pm

Ivey: It is with immense gratitude that I stand before you tonight as the next governor of Alabama. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:06 pm

Ivey: Together we’ve done it. The people of Alabama have spoken loud and clear. Want to keep Alabama working. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:05 pm

Gov. Kay Ivey about to speak, second woman ever elected to top job in Alabama.

Brian Lawson November 6, 20189:01 pm

In pretty big change, Senate District 2,Democrat Amy Wasyluka leads GOP’s Tom Butler, by 94 votes, with 60% of Madison Co. precincts in. Senate Dist. 7 Sam Givhan leads Deborah Barros, 57-42. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:54 pm

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:52 pm

AG Steve Marshall has big lead on Democrat Joe Siegelman. Same in Lt. Gov.’s race, GOP’s Will Ainsworth strong lead over Will Boyd. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:47 pm

U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt, who just won his race, issued following statement:
“I want to thank the voters of the 4th Congressional District for electing me to
serve them for another term in the U.S House of Representatives in Washington.
  There is no greater honor
than to work for and serve the people of the Fourth District, representing the
conservative values that are important to our state. “ 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:44 pm

So, AP calls Gov. race for Kay Ivey. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:42 pm

AP calls House race for Mo Brooks. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:39 pm

Also interesting, with 53% in, in Madison County. Amendment 1,for displaying the 10 Commandments publicly is winning 61-39. Amendment 2, which would insert no right to an abortion language in the state constitution, the ‘no’ vote leads the ‘yes’ vote, 52% to 48%. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:34 pm

In the Madison Co. Sheriff’s race Republican Kevin Turner leads Democrat Tim Clardy, 64-36. 46% of precincts in. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:32 pm

With 50 percent of Madison Co. precincts reporting, longtime GOP incumbent Howard Sanderford leads Democrat Linda Meigs 64% to 36%. GOP Rep. Rex Reynolds leads Democrat Terry Jones 58-42. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:28 pm

U.S. Rep. Robert Aderholt, of Alabama’s 4th District, has been declared the winner by the AP in his race. He was considered a strong favorite. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:26 pm

33 percent of Madison Co. precincts, Ivey leads Maddox 57-42; Brooks leads Joffrion 56-44; Ainsworth and Marshall both well ahead. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:25 pm

With 20 percent of Madison Co. precincts reporting, for Sen. District 2, Republican Tom Butler leads Democrat Amy Wasyluka, 56%-43%. With 43% of precincts reporting GOP candidate Sam Givhan leads Democrat Deborah Barros, 62-38 for Senate District 7. 

Patrick Ary November 6, 20188:20 pm

In an AP VoteCast survey of Alabama voters, 38 percent
of the voters surveyed in Alabama said a reason for their vote was to express support for Trump, and 20 percent said they voted to express opposition to Trump.

There’s lots more information from that survey here.

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:19 pm

Madison Co. elections returns show straight ticket vote: 67% are for GOP, 9,891 votes, with 22% of precincts in. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:14 pm

Madison Co. returns, so far 22 percent of precincts:  Gov. Ivey, and AG Marshall each lead with about 60% of vote, Ainsworth leads Lt. Gov. race with 63%. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:12 pm

Madison County election returns show Congressman Mo Brooks leads Peter Joffrion 57%-41% with 16 percent of precincts in. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:09 pm

CBS News reporting Marsha Blackburn won the U.S. Senate race in Tennessee. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:08 pm

Brian Lawson November 6, 20188:04 pm

You can review election night returns here:

Tally-wise, it’s incredibly early, so, this is noted with that in mind: 

Democrat Peter Joffrion holds a slight lead over incumbent GOP Rep. Mo Brooks, 826 to 802, with 4% of the vote in. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20187:58 pm

I missed this in first review of Alabama voter survey, on gun laws: 53% should gun laws should be more strict; 9% said should be less strict; 36% said should be kept as they are. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20187:55 pm

On immigration, Alabama voters surveyedwere 61% strongly in favor, or somewhat in favor of building a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20187:52 pm

The AP VoteCast survey also asked about health care. It got some interesting answers from a surveyed group that trends conservative and Republican. 

On the Affordable Care Act? 69% said repeal all or parts of it. 
On whether the govt. should provide health care? 52% said should not be responsible for providing it; 47% said government should be responsible. 
Brian Lawson November 6, 20187:46 pm

Brian Lawson November 6, 20187:41 pm

Brian Lawson November 6, 20187:32 pm

Sorry for the lull. Not many votes counted around Alabama so far. Nationally, it looks like GOP House candidates aren’t losing much ground, forecasts have definitely gotten tighter about Democrats flipping House from GOP control. Most projections see GOP expanding lead in Senate. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20187:22 pm

Don’t want to get too far into these survey numbers for Governor’s race, really don’t want to confuse what survey found with actual results. 

But, the survey found Gov. Ivey getting 68% from voters 45 and older; 48% from voters 18-44. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20187:18 pm

Brian Lawson November 6, 20187:17 pm

So, I looked up AL voter turnout numbers since 2010 — the last time there was a midterm with a new president. Here’s what turnout has looked like: 

2010 1.486
million votes cast; 57% turnout; 

2012 2.074; 73%;

 2014 1.191; 40%; 

2016 2.137; 67%

2018: TBD

Alabama Secretary of State


Brian Lawson November 6, 20187:09 pm

Brian Lawson November 6, 20187:02 pm

Polls have closed. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20187:01 pm

The survey also found the voters aren’t fans of Congress, aren’t too worried about climate change, and 59% said the country is headed in the right direction. But, 47% expect life for the next generation will be worse than life today, 29% say it will be better and 24% say, it will be about the same. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20186:56 pm

The AP VoteCast survey asked Alabama voters ‘Most important issue facing the country?’ 

Immigration, 33%; Economy and jobs & Health care, tied 19%; Terrorism 10%; Gun policy 8%; Environment and Taxes, tied 3%; Abortion, 2%

Brian Lawson November 6, 20186:48 pm

Voters around Madison County have been frustrated today by voting machine failures. Probate Judge Tommy Ragland said moisture caused the ballots to swell, making them impossible to fit into voting machines. So … they were having voters drop ballots in baskets — said they’d be counted after polls closed. We’ve gotten calls from a number of concerned voters, wondering what happens to their ballots gathered in a bin. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20186:43 pm

The polls close in 17 minutes.  Remember, if you’re in line, you should be allowed to vote. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20186:42 pm

Another interesting area in the survey has to do with issues these voters care about: 79% — 79% said the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination debate was ‘Very important’ or ‘Somewhat important.’ 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20186:39 pm

Brian Lawson November 6, 20186:38 pm

The survey has an estimated 10 percent margin of error, but even a 46% very unfavorable rating isn’t good news for Democrats in Alabama. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20186:37 pm

The survey also found good news for Republicans in Alabama. 67% regards the GOP very favorably or favorably; 25% see Democrats that way. While, 56% said their view of the Democratic Party is “very unfavorable.” 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20186:32 pm

So, President Trump was a factor for Alabama voters, the survey found, but not decisively so. The survey found the President with a 64 percent approval rating in Alabama. This is interesting, on why they voted — 38% said they voted to express support for Trump; 20% they voted to express opposition to the President and 41% said Trump wasn’t the reason they voted. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20186:29 pm

So, they talked to 774 voters and 235 nonvoters over the past week, into today. The survey recipients were 55-45 women to men, with 68 percent 45-and older. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20186:26 pm

And, one more bit on the AP VoteCast methodology: “Find more details
about AP VoteCast’s methodology at “

Brian Lawson November 6, 20186:26 pm

Here’s some detail on the AP VoteCast process — AP VoteCast is a survey of the American electorate conducted in all 50 states by NORC (National Opinion Research Center) at the University of Chicago for The Associated Press and Fox News. The survey of 774 voters and 235 nonvoters in Alabama was conducted Oct. 29 to Nov. 6, concluding as polls close on Election Day. Interviews in English and Spanish with self-identified registered voters selected from nonprobability online panels are calibrated with interviews of randomly sampled registered voters nationwide. The margin of sampling error for voter in Alabama is estimated to be plus or minus 10 percentage points. Although there is no statistically agreed upon approach for calculating margins of error for non-probability samples, the margin of error is estimated using a calculation called the root mean squared error and other statistical adjustments. All surveys are subject to multiple sources of error, including from sampling, question wording and order, and nonresponse. 

Brian Lawson November 6, 20186:23 pm

So, first things first. We’ve partnered with the Associated Press and will share the AP VoteCast analysis, surveying about 1,000 people in Alabama, about their views on the election, President Trump, key issues facing the country and more.