Expert explains how to prepare for severe weather overnight

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Officials from Madison County Emergency Management say storms that roll in overnight carry with them different kinds of dangers than ones that strike during the day. Local emergency management teams have tips for people to prepare for severe weather forecasted to roll through North Alabama Monday night.

Local emergency management teams are preparing for the severe weather moving into the area. And they want people at home to do the same. Emergency Management Officer Chris Reed says overnight storms can have an added level of danger.

"The main threat is everyone will be sleeping and we want people to be able to take cover if the storm approaches," he said.

He recommends everyone have an NOAA weather radio.

"You've got to have a way to get those alerts. We recommend NOAA weather radio, have fresh batteries in it and set to alert for your county."

The next line of defense he recommends?

"Another way is your favorite weather app that you can also set to alert you," he said.

WHNT's Live Alert 19 app is free to download. Once you download it, you can use it to get alerts in your area. Select the interactive weather radar. Tap the three dots in the right-hand corner and hit locations. From there you can add your area by typing in your address or entering your city. Make sure you activate the alerts and that will notify you of alerts in the actual warned area, not the entire county.

"We urge people to charge their phone and leave them plugged up that way you're not using your battery down in the course of the night and it's dead when you wake up in the morning," Reed said.

He asks people to know where their safe place is before the storm hits. If people need to be there to weather the storm he recommends getting there before severe weather hits to avoid traveling during the storm.

Find a list of community storm shelters in Alabama on the website.

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