Severe storms expected Monday night into Tuesday morning

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Strong winds, tornadoes possible with storms in North Alabama and Tennessee Monday night through Tuesday morning

A significant threat of severe weather develops tonight from Mississippi and Tennessee east into Alabama; strong wind gusts, tornadoes and hail may come with a long line of storms moving across North Alabama between roughly 11 PM and 4 AM. Stay alert tonight! We’ve been in the ‘ready’ stage: knowing that a threat is coming. Now it’s time for ‘set’ and ‘go.’ A ‘Watch’ may be issued later this evening, and if there’s a ‘Warning,’ it’s time to go and take care of your family.

Timing the storms:  We’ve adjusted the timeline a touch to account for a more accurate ‘start’ time in Northwest Alabama (Wayne/Lawrence TN) and a faster movement across North Alabama: leading to a slightly earlier estimated time of arrival in Huntsville, Decatur, Athens, Scottsboro, Fort Payne, and all points in between.

Be ready for warnings during these times; we won’t all  get one, but some warnings (both Tornado and Severe Thunderstorm) are possible through the overnight hours.

A note about how you get a warning: The National Weather Service did away with county-based warnings over a decade ago.  We have been on the ‘storm-based polygon warning’ since the late 2000s.  That means your older (but still reliable) technology like NOAA Weather Radio will still tell you A Tornado Warning has been issued for ______ County until _____ affecting the cities of ______.’  Weather apps don’t do that; they are location-based.  That means it alerts you if and only if you are INSIDE that warned geographic area.

Preparing for a severe threat: Now is the time to go over your severe weather safety plan.

Election Day: The weather itself will not interfere with voting in North Alabama, and the storm threat diminishes quickly for Central Alabama Tuesday morning. The unknowns are power outages and what/if any wind damage could make it difficult to get out early in the morning.

The weather itself will improve significantly through the morning: becoming mostly sunny in the afternoon with a high in the lower 70s.