Randolph School investigating former employee sexual abuse allegations

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – WHNT News 19 obtained an email from the Randolph School regarding allegations of sexual abuse of several former Randolph students by a former faculty member. The school said that faculty member worked for Randolph until the early 1990s, but the administration has not named the accused former employee.

The emailed letter says the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees and the school administration have hired a national law firm, Fisher Phillips, to conduct an investigation into the allegations. The school is also asking anyone who may have been sexually abused by an employee of Randolph to come forward.

The letter signed by Brian Pollock, chairman of the board, and Jay Rainey, head of the school, includes this statement:

“At Randolph, the physical and emotional safety of our students is our highest priority, and there is no behavior more opposed to our values than the sexual predation of children.

“While we believe that our policies and practices relating to child protection are strong, our school administration will nevertheless conduct a thorough review of those policies and practices, including our professional training of faculty and staff, our requirement of appropriate boundaries between employees and students, our emphasis on the duty to report suspected abuse, and our efforts to educate students about how to protect and advocate for themselves and their peers. This review will run concurrently with the Fisher Phillips investigation.

“In keeping with Randolph’s mission, we are dedicated to seeking the truth about our past and caring for every member of our school community as we do so. Although the weeks ahead may be challenging, we are committed to undertaking this investigative process for the benefit of past, present, and future generations of Randolph students. We are grateful for your support and trust as we move forward together.”

A spokesperson for the school says the letter was sent to all parents, alumni, current and former employees, trustees, and parents of alumni that are in the Randolph School database. The spokesperson says the school has no further comment at this time.

This is a developing story and we will continue to update you as we uncover more information.


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