Noise ordinance on the ballot for rural Madison County

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - When you go to the polls you're not just voting for elected officials and there is one amendment making some noise.

Amendment Number 1 is a proposed new noise ordinance in rural Madison County.

"We've had issues where there's some noise issues with neighbors with loud stereos, gunfire at late hours of the night, fireworks going off during the night," said Steve Haraway, Madison County Commissioner for District 2.

Commissioner Haraway believes that if a loud disturbance is bumped up to a misdemeanor then more people will pay attention to their noise levels.

"Right now the way the ordinance is set up it's a civil matter and the way we're changing it it'll be a class C misdemeanor, which will allow it to be a criminal matter and the sheriff can have more authority to enforce this," Haraway said.

This noise ordinance would only pertain to rural Madison County, so areas like Huntsville and Madison would not be included.

Nothing has been finalized on what could potentially get you in trouble with the noise ordinance yet. If the amendment passes, then the Madison County Commission will decide on what constitutes as a "disturbance".

If you want to help decide if the Madison County Commission should have more of a voice of noise control, make sure to go vote next Tuesday, November 6.

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