Huntsville woman’s Halloween costume pays tribute to family and Huntsville history

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - One Huntsville woman took inspiration from her family history -- as well as Huntsville's -- when it came to her Halloween costume this year.

Lois Brown showed up for work at Sealy Management Company Wednesday morning dressed as a NASA rocket scientist. She came equipped with a hard hat, coveralls, a brief case and a hard hat.

The cool thing about her outfit is that all of it is authentic.

Brown got her clothing and NASA memorabilia from her father, Homer Powers, who was an actual rocket scientist at Marshall Space Flight Center. He worked in guidance and control and retired from the space agency in 1979.

"I just wanted to kind of give an honor to the men and women of that era," Brown said. "They paved the way for all of the technology that we enjoy every day."

Brown said she remembers going out at night with her mother and sister to take peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to her father at work, because he was working long hours and trying to make tight deadlines.

That was what life was like for a lot of Huntsville families, Brown said, and she wanted to pay homage to that.

"Everybody had a part, but they were all on one mission and that was to get man on the moon," she said. "But I think they also realized that they were a part of something that was going to change the course of history forever."

Brown encourages anyone who might have any NASA memorabilia to contact the Marshall Space Flight Center's History office at (256) 544-5670.

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