Halloween meteor shines over Alabama and Mississippi! Did you see it?

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A bright meteor streaked across the sky Wednesday evening around 7:21 PM showing off a brilliant flash before it exploded into smaller pieces high in the atmosphere.

Our good friend Dr. Bill Cooke NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office here in Huntsville discovered it wasn’t a Taurid Fireball – as would be a little more common this time of year.  It was a small piece of a comet!

Dr. Cooke says:

‘Found your meteor in 3 of our cameras at 7:21:57 PM – uncommon slow mover (37,000 mph) seen through clouds, traveling almost due north right up the Alabama/Mississippi state line. Nice flares indicating multiple fragmentations. The meteor burned up about 43 miles above the Mississippi town of Mingo, just across the state line. Orbit and brightness indicate that the fireball was caused by a fragment of a comet about 3 inches in diameter.’

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