Lieutenant Governor candidate Will Ainsworth’s wife injured in skeet shooting accident

Will and Kendall Ainsworth (Courtesy: Will Ainsworth Official Facebook Page)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Lieutenant Governor candidate Will Ainsworth tweeted Tuesday afternoon that his wife, Kendall, was injured in a gun accident.

In an official statement, the Republican nominee explained the injury happened during a family event – skeet shooting. She was taken to the hospital for her injury, which required staples.  Ainsworth said the emergency room doctors predicted a full recovery and she was released.

“Through God’s grace and the intercessory prayers of thousands of family members, friends, and supporters, the emergency room doctors who attended to her injury predict a full recovery, and she was released shortly after receiving treatment. I will be stepping away from the campaign trail for a few days in order to remain home with Kendall as she heals.”

The state representative noted he would be stepping away from the campaign trail, for a few days, to care for his wife.

Early this afternoon,  Ainsworth wrote on Twitter: “We are thankful it doesn’t appear serious, but covet your prayers while the doctors treat her.” Ainsworth published the tweet at 4:43 p.m.

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