Decatur police look for driver who ran over and killed a man

DECATUR, Ala. - Police are searching for a driver who took off after running over a man early Sunday morning.

It happened along 12th Avenue NW in west Decatur around 4:00 am Sunday.

Neighbors say the victim, Ricardo Brown, known as 'Wiggie' to his friends, was out on the street with friends when the car hit him and took off. Paramedics took Brown to Decatur Morgan Hospital, where he died.

Neighbors like Dale Bumpus are used to the traffic.

"We have maybe 3,000 cars come through here a day or better," Bumpus said.

People up and down 12th Avenue try to avoid parking their cars on the street overnight.

"I'm always thinking about how somebody's going to lose their life," Bumpus said.

And Sunday morning was one instance where Bumpus didn't want to be right.

"I heard loud music and then I heard a smack sound," Bumpus said.

Outside his front door, a group of friends was gathered around 4:00 am when police say a driver hit Brown and took off.

"You just don't hit somebody and leave them in the road," Bumpus said.

First responders tried to help brown, rushing him to the hospital, but he died soon after.

"I'd like to see speed bumps. I know it's a fairway, but they can at least slow down and go over them humps and keep on moving," Bumpus said.

Police are now asking for help finding the driver. It's a tragedy that literally hits close to home for people on this west side neighborhood.

Police said they are looking for a white-colored vehicle with damage to the front and possibly the hood and windshield. Police said they did not know the make and model of the vehicle.

Anyone with information about the vehicle or the incident is asked to call Decatur Police Department at 256-341-4600.

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