Will the Valley’s weather be a Trick or Treat Halloween night?

Trick-or-treat? This is not going to be an easy forecast for Halloween days in advance because of some tricky timing with the next big rain/storm threat coming in next week.

Understand as you look at the numbers and icons for Halloween that it’s changeable; a six-hour adjustment in the timing of the front could make it beautiful and dry for trick-or-treating or make it rainy and stormy. It’s going to be a close call, but as of now we expect most of the day to be dry.

Clouds increase in the afternoon, and some rain is possible between 6 PM and midnight. The majority of the rainy, stormy weather likely happens Thursday, but timing is everything here. We just can’t quite see it in good enough detail to be ‘certain’ this far in advance.

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Halloween Climatology

On average, daytime highs for Halloween are usually in the low 70s, and overnight lows dip to the mid-40s.

This year’s forecast is a little more temperate compared to last year’s Halloween, which set a record daily high for the holiday as thermometers reach the upper 80s/lower 90s.

Back in 1993, bitterly cold air caught up with enough atmospheric moisture to produce a few snowflakes for trick-or-treaters making the rounds on October 31 [editor’s note: Meteorologist Christina Edwards was 9 years old at the time, and she wore a huge ski jacket over her genie costume. She vividly remembers the snowflakes and drinking hot water to stay warm].

The wettest Halloween occurred in 1951, when over two and a half inches of rain fell in Huntsville.

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