Joffrion receives special designation from national organization aimed at flipping Republican-dominated districts

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The election is just 10 days away and candidates are working to gain the support they'll need to clinch their respective positions. Peter Joffrion, the Democratic candidate, is hoping to unseat longtime U.S. Representative Mo Brooks, who represents the state's 5th congressional district.

Brooks has held the seat since 2010. The 5th district covers most of north Alabama.

"We are just looking forward to the next ten days, and making as much contact with the voters as we can," Joffrion said.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chose Joffrion's campaign as a 'Majority Maker.'

"Being one of their 'Majority Makers' means that they view this seat as being a seat within a red state that is flippable, one that has the potential of going from red to blue," Joffrion explained. "It brings more attention, national attention and local attention to the race."

Joffrion feels confident he can unseat Brooks.

"We know that if voter turnout is high, that we stand a very good chance of prevailing," Joffrion said.

Brooks, on the other hand, doesn't see Joffrion as a threat and said he's not receiving support from the national GOP. Brooks said in a statement:

"My job is to win without national support so that our national resources are freed up for closer races. If national Republican forces perceived Peter Joffrion had a sliver of a chance of winning, they would intervene and help me. Conversely, if Democrat forces perceived Peter Joffrion had a sliver of a chance of winning, they would be pouring millions into Peter Joffrion's campaign."

Joffrion accused Brooks of being more interested in PAC money than gaining favor with his constituents.

"He's the candidate of failed leadership in Alabama," Joffrion said. "He gets most of his support from special interest groups."

While being a 'Majority Maker' doesn't directly come with a donation, the Democratic candidate said the exposure gives people more confidence in supporting his campaign.

"The attention makes it more attractive for people who are thinking about donating to campaigns to look at our campaign as one that is 'flippable.'

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